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Project Description

WebDAVNet is a client library for interacting with WebDAV written in C#.
Projects target is a fully RFC2518 compliant client to access and interact with WebDAV resources.

  • 2009-10-19: Sorry for the lack of updates but unfortunately I've had no time to proceed with the library. I'll be also away for business for the rest of the month, so I hope I can continue in two weeks.
  • 2009-09-30: I've just noticed that Microsoft discontinued WebDAV support for the Exchange Server 2010. Link: APIs that will be removed
  • 2009-09-29: I'm currently working on Version 0.3 (Milestone: asynchronous support ). After releasing Version 0.3, I'll start writing some FAQs about Installation and Troubleshooting WebDAV on IIS6-7 and Apache2.

  • Interested in the further development of WebDAVNet, please take a look at the Roadmap.
  • For C# code samples visit the Code Samples page.


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